We are back again for another week of Irish football content and we hope that all of you are keeping safe and enjoying the return of some form of football in Germany, hopefully we will not be far behind some sort of return.

Today we have another Q&A with one of our writers and this time it is Darren who shares some of his favourite moments from supporting Crusaders.

1. Team you support?


2. Favourite current player?

Rory Hale. The boy is one hell of a talent that should be playing at a different level. I feel sorry for him sometimes, due to the Crues missing the middle of the park a lot with their direct play.

3. Favourite all-time player?

This for me is easy, Glen Dunlop! I saw an article about him last week and to this day have never seen another centre-back that had the lot.

4. Most underrated player?

Billy Joe Burns. Throughout his playing days, he has been one of the best right-backs within the league but even now he has shown his versatility slotting into the centre-back role with ease.

5. Favourite manager?

Only one for me, and it has to be Stephen Baxter. The man has turned the club around and worked wonders. I never thought after the Roy Walker days we would see it again but he has worked miracles at Seaview.

6. Best moment supporting your team?

The 1985/86 Gold Cup semi-final. Yes, we went on to defeat the Blues in the final but for me, it is a game I will never forget as a young boy following the Crues. The emergence of Kirk Hunter to fire in a hat-trick, even if Reggie Hillen did gift him the third.

7. Worst moment?

Relegation in the 2004/2005 season. Enough said there.

8. Which player do you wish had played for your team but did not?

This one for me is easy, Glen Little! I still have nightmares today of the big man ploughing up the wing at Seaview and firing one into the Shore Road end in front of the hundreds of Glen men that squeezed in.

9. Best XI of players you have seen play for your team?

Kevin McKeown, Billy Joe Burns, Glen Dunlop, Colin Coates, Gary McCartney, Liam Dunne, Martin Murray, Sid Burrows, Gavin Whyte, Jordan Owens, Glenn Hunter.

10. What do you love/miss the most about following your team?

Over the years, work commitments have made it hard for me but flying home on a weekend just to get a game in now is what I am missing. Hopefully not for long!

As most of our readers will be aware, the Ballymena and Provincial League was one of the first leagues in Northern Ireland to end the 2019-20 season resulting in Dunloy being named champions on a points per game basis. Last week Bryan caught up with the Dunloy manager Jason Connolly to get his reaction to the news.

We will be back this incoming week with more content for you all to enjoy including the latest instalment in our ‘Irish League Team of the Noughties’ series but in the meantime stay safe!