About Us

Of the opinion that football played in Ireland and Nothern Ireland does not get the coverage that it ultimately deserves and needs a big platform for it to be witnessed by a mass audience?

Well, that is the same opinion that we shared and, hence, the subsequent birth of Over the Turnstile!

We aim to bring you all the very best from the Emerald Island to give our readers all the information they need and look to quench that thirst that you have had for what seems to have been for an eternity!

Over the Turnstile looks to offer a number of engaging and thought-provoking articles on its blog, ranging from a number of featured pieces such as Football Manager stories involving Irish sides and looking back in the history archives at what just happened regarding some of the very best times in Irish football.

We also look to give the lower leagues with the nation the coverage that they deserve as well, giving you a complete insight into what has been happening over in the small nation’s game.

Think you can help us with our aim to become the best blog on the internet about all things Irish football? Do you know of stories that have not been widely published and deserve to be seen by a larger audience? Maybe you are a Football Manager fan and love to tackle the Irish leagues and can turn your own managerial journey into an entertaining blog that readers would love to see?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, and can write in a clear and concise manner whilst also being enjoyable and informative, then why not apply to join our team and write for us?

If you want to contact us or advertise with us – get in touch!


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